Crane Accidents

Due to their size and the nature of their operation, crane accidents typically result in severe injury or death. In an effort to reduce the number of heavy equipment accidents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, OSHA has adopted rules and regulations relating to the use and operation of cranes. Most of those regulations developed as a result of prior crane accidents, and are designed to protect workers from serious injury and death at work sites where cranes are in use.

Crane accidents can occur for a number of reasons, including:

  • A broken part or cable on the crane
  • Failure of braking mechanisms
  • Improper maintenance of the crane
  • Failure of hydraulic systems

Some crane accidents can occur as a result of operator error. A crane operator must not attempt to lift a load that is heavier than the crane’s load capacity rating. The load capacity of a crane is determined by several factors including the size and weight of the crane and the angle and position of the boom. If an operator attempts to lift a load beyond the crane’s capacity, there is a significant risk that the crane can overturn or the boom can buckle. Heavy equipment accidents such as these can cause serious injury or even death.

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