Product Liability Overview

Product Liability and Defective Products – Your Legal Resource in PA & NJ

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, dangerous or defective products lead to more than 29.5 million injuries and almost 22,000 deaths each year. Product liability laws in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and other states are established to help protect consumers. These laws encompass all manufactured products, from children’s toys and household appliances, to medical devices and food.

When a defective product causes significant harm or death, the manufacturer can be held liable for the injuries. The product liability and defective products attorneys at our Philadelphia and New Jersey offices can help injured victims obtain the compensation they deserve. We are experienced in defective product litigation and will fight to protect your rights.

Introduction to Product Liability and Defective Products

Product liability laws, like those in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, have been established throughout the United States to protect consumers and provide legal recourse for persons injured by dangerous and defective products. Product liability laws vary from state to state, but generally provide injured victims and their families with a means to bring suit against product manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, and sellers when their products are defective or unreasonably dangerous and result in injury or death. Any party involved in the design, manufacture, or marketing of a product may be held legally responsible for damages caused by a defective or unreasonably dangerous product.

The product liability attorneys in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey law offices of Sheridan & Murray handle all types of defective products cases including:

  • Child Toys
  • Child Seats & Restraints
  • Child Beds & Cribs
  • Forklifts & Lift-Trucks
  • Cranes / Aerial Lift Equipment
  • Scaffold / Mast-Climbing Platforms
  • Ladder Collapses
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Household Appliances
  • Hand Tools and Hammers
  • Power Tools
  • Defective Automotive Products (vehicle crash worthiness, vehicle rollover, SUV rollover , seat belts & safety restraints, airbags / failure to deploy, defective tires, roof crush / roof collapse, gas tank explosions, car & truck fires
  • Defective Helmets
  • Defective Drugs
  • Elevator & Escalator Defects
  • Automatic Doors
  • Medical Devices
  • Amusement Rides
  • Defective Chemicals

The trial attorneys at Sheridan & Murray are experienced, and have the expertise necessary to navigate these complex cases against the manufacturers of dangerous and defective products. If you have been injured by defective products, the lawyers of our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Audubon, New Jersey offices can help. We are experienced in product liability litigation and can fight to help you obtain the compensation to which you are legally entitled.

About Product Liability Lawsuits

Federal and state regulations often lack serious penalties for manufacturers or sellers of dangerous products, making product liability lawsuits the consumer’s most effective weapon against unreasonably dangerous products.

Product liability lawsuits in Pennsylvania and in New Jersey provide the individual citizen with an opportunity to hold greedy, reckless, or negligent manufacturers responsible for the injuries caused by their defective and dangerous products. Manufacturers of defective products are frightened and threatened by the consumer’s right to sue. They have worked vigilantly to limit or eliminate your constitutional right to hold them accountable.

Consumers need to be aware that product liability lawsuits are often complex and hard-fought battles. Manufacturers are tireless in their defense of these claims, and often have no concern for fairness or the injured victim. Manufacturers rarely settle claims early and litigate most claims. It is, therefore, critical that you hire an attorney with the experience and expertise necessary to take on such manufacturers. The product liability attorneys at Sheridan & Murray have the experience and expertise that you need to win this battle. Protection Status