Electrical Shock Injury and Electrical Accidents

Electrical injuries are a serious danger faced by Pennsylvania and New Jersey residents every day. Electrical energy, whether natural or man-made, is an integral part of our day-to-day life and can pose extreme dangers to those around it. If you have received serious electrical injuries due to another’s negligence, read on to learn more about electrical injuries and how our attorneys can help.

Injuries Caused by Electrical Shock

Electrical energy that goes astray often causes catastrophic personal injuries including:

  • Severe burns
  • Nerve and muscle damage
  • Cardiac arrest and heart damage
  • Broken bones
  • Brain injury
  • Constant pain

The lawyers at Sheridan & Murray have specialized knowledge and experience in handling claims involving electrical injuries in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. To prevail in an electrical injury lawsuit, it is essential that expert witnesses work together with our lawyers to prove that the accident is consistent with the physical injuries. Our attorneys work closely with prominent electrical engineers and medical experts in the reconstruction of electrical accidents to help build a solid case against those responsible.

Common Causes of Electrical Injuries

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, the danger of electric shock is a prevalent concern. Common causes of the electrical injuries experienced by our Pennsylvania and New Jersey clients include:

  • Defective products
  • Fires
  • Downed power lines
  • Hazardous wiring
  • Construction accidents
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Lightening
  • Electric fences
  • Microwave ovens
  • Overhead power lines
  • Stun guns and tasers

Construction sites pose significant risks of electrical shock to workers from all building trades. On average, 289 American workers die per year in accidents involving electricity and electrocution. Other accidents occur in the home as a result of defective products or at the homes of others (premises liability). If electrical injuries are caused due to another person’s negligence, you have rights that entitle you to financial compensation for your injuries. Regardless of the complexity of your case or the circumstances surrounding your injuries, our lawyers can help you get the financial compensation to which you are entitled under the law.

Contact Our Attorneys about Electrical Injuries

If you or someone close to you has suffered electrical injuries in Pennsylvania or New Jersey that were the fault of another, contact Sheridan & Murray today. Our attorneys will fully investigate your case and work tirelessly to protect your rights.