Police Misconduct in PA and NJ – Know Your Rights

At Sheridan & Murray, we know that any incident of police misconduct is devastating to its victims. Our Philadelphia-based attorneys, serving both New Jersey and Pennsylvania residents, recognize that most law enforcement personnel do their job with the greatest amount of integrity. However, as with any profession, there are always exceptions.

For your protection, there are laws and codes of ethics that have been established to deter these types of situations from occurring. If you believe that you or someone you know has been a victim of police misconduct, let our lawyers provide you with a no-cost review of your case.

Any information that you share will be kept completely confidential. Our lawyers specialize in police misconduct, and have the experience you need to pursue justice in Pennsylvania and New Jersey jurisdictions.

Please take the time to review the following information as a guide to what you should do if you have been the victim of police misconduct. You can contact the offices of Sheridan & Murray at (215) 977-9500 and we will happily review your case and discuss any legal course of action.

Who can file a complaint regarding police misconduct?

At the law offices of Sheridan & Murray, our attorneys specialize in victims rights in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We will be happy to discuss potential police misconduct cases with:
Victims of police misconduct
If you feel that you were treated rudely, subjected to sexual misconduct, or treated with excessive force during a police action, you have rights. You also have rights regarding unlawful arrest or abuse of power by an officer of the law.
Witnesses of police misconduct
If you have been a witness to a police action that you would deem excessive or unlawful, you have a duty to step forward. This also applies to any type of alleged misconduct of any officer of the law. As with any case, all information will be kept completely confidential.
Friends and relatives of police misconduct victims
If a friend or relative has told you of an incident of police misconduct that you believe warrants further investigation, it is your duty to come forward. In many instances, you may help prevent others from falling victim to the same treatment.

How do I file a complaint regarding police misconduct?

At the law offices of Sheridan & Murray, our attorneys will help you with all of the paperwork necessary to begin an investigation of police misconduct. We have worked with professional agencies throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey who thoroughly investigate all claims.

In order to begin the process of filing a complaint of police misconduct, you will need to provide the following information to our attorneys at Sheridan & Murray:

  • A detailed account of what happened, and when the incident took place.
  • An account of all parties involved. If possible, you should provide the name(s) of the victim(s) and police officer(s).
  • A general account of what was done or said during the incident.
  • A list of any witnesses to the alleged police misconduct.
  • Any type of physical injury or damage resulting from the police misconduct.
  • The type of outcome you are seeking for yourself or the victim.

Once our professional attorneys have gathered this information, they will begin the investigation. You, and/or the victim will be contacted to answer further questions or provide additional information regarding the alleged police misconduct.

How do I know if I have a civil or criminal case?

Our police misconduct attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey will contact you when there are changes in the status of your case. While civil and criminal laws differ, if an officer of the law is found to have acted inappropriately, a criminal case will be filed by the authorities against him/her. In some cases, a civil action will be filed against a governmental authority or law enforcement agency if the evidence warrants such an action.

In a criminal case, the evidence must establish proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the misconduct occurred. In civil cases, a lower standard, or “preponderance of the evidence” is necessary to establish proof. Additionally, civil cases can seek to change departmental rules or regulations that may have fostered the police misconduct. In these cases, additional types of relief for victims and/or their families is sometimes warranted.

We will guide you every step of the way!

At Sheridan & Murray, our attorneys are well-versed in the laws regarding police misconduct in the jurisdictions that cover Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our lawyers work closely with investigators to closely examine the facts, uncover evidence, and build a strong case in your favor.

It is imperative that you report any alleged police misconduct as soon as possible. The sooner the incident is reported, the easier it is to investigate. Remember, there are laws that protect you from police misconduct, and at Sheridan & Murray, we are on your side. Contact the law offices of Sheridan & Murray today.